Lipsticks for dusky skintone||top lipsticks for brown skin||lipsticks lipsticks for brown Indian skin tone

Hellooo folks…..
So today’s post is about “lipsticks for dusky skintone”. So I know there are many blogs or YouTube channels that show beauty products related to only fair skin tone.but every lipsticks shade doesn’t look good on dusky skin beauties…. but some shades look very flattering on dusky beauties… even my skin tone is also a dusky skin tone…i will be sharing some shades that suits me….if you have the same skin tone you too can try them out.🤗🤗🤗🤗
There is no need of sticking on to only Reds….even pinks and browns also look good on us…so let’s check them out….💄💄✌✌👄👄👄
So before selecting a shade you need to have an idea about the”undertone ” you have.we mostly get confused in deciding our undertone and finally results in selecting a wrong shade which washes out our face.
Here is a detailed picture how to know your undertone
Some people have even neutral undertoneswhich is a mix of green and blue.most duskyskin people fall undemr warm undertone.
Here are the shades I am gonna share
1. Bellavoste
This is an Indian cosmetic brand which is trending these days on Instagram.i got this in one of my subscription boxes.
I am having the shade “hypnoticrose 04” from their ultra matte chubby stick range.actually it is a lip is super matte and doesn’t dry out your lips.use a liner before applying and the staying power is also good.
Price:499Inr but I got this in a subscription box.
MY 2nd shade is from ORIFLAME brand.and the shade is from their range PURE COLOUR INTENSE and the shade name is RICH RED which is not actually red…it is a red shade with pink undertone.
Price:Rs.129 for 2.5gms
I bought this from an ORIFLAME agent when there was a sale.
3.  PAC Cosmetics
This is also a new brand trending on YouTube and Instagram. Thiese are easily available online on Amazon and their brand website.and my shade is from their matte range in theshade 13.they have around 40 shades in this range in all are mostly reds and pinks only with
4.Iba halal
This is also a new brand which provides halal cosmetics.and the range is IBA HALAL MATTE RANGE “MOCHA SHOT M02” .This is a brown shade which is a nude lipcolor for daily wear.
Price: 395 INR from
5.Revlon super lustrous
Revlon is a well known brand and this one is from the range SUPER LUSTROUS LIPSTICK MATTE in 4th the shade 032 DELECTABLE.
Price: I think around 600INR
 You can buy here:

<a href="http://PAC Matte Lipstick – 13