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Hello mommies….
Those were days when we as children always used to play either outside or teacher student play or some other indoor games. But the scenario has completely changed these days. Now a days our kids are either busy on the mobiles watching either rhymes or playing games on play stations.

We as parents should try to change their mode of playing. Improving their motor skills is very important. Having good motor skills helps the child to explore different things around them. For toddlers fine motor skills development is very much important.

Fine motor skills involves movements involving smaller muscle groups such as hand and wrist.

And I came across XPLORABOX- LEARNING THROUGH PLAY which is a kids subscription box for age groups starting from 2 years. And my kiddo is. 3 years old and I received September month’s subscription box which is ALPHABET MARINER.

This box includes 5 activities which helps in learning Shapes, and alphabets with an ease .

The below are the following activity plays I received.

1. Marine Animals.

Identifying marine animals and learning shapes with the small cut outs inserted in them.

And shapes to identify with small and big shape cut outs.


3. Alphabet puzzle.

4. A carry bag to keep your toys.

Wherein you have to paste the appropriate stickers on the animals.

5. Beautiful creatures.

So aren’t these helpful in keeping your toddler busy and away from screens.

If you wanna order this ….it’s just simple

Link to their website is given Order yours here….Xplorabox

And their Instagram page Id: @xploraboxAnd their Xplorabox Facebook See you soon……

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SoulslingsIndia snuggle blankets- keeping your baby warm

Putting a child to sleep and just walking away is easier said than done.

No matter how tired I am, or how much work I need to get done, I can’t help but stop and stare at my sleeping baby🌸🌸💕💕

Though the summers have started…..we often use air conditioners these days….keeping baby warm is equally important….

Introducing snuggle blankets from @soulslingsindia.


Topaz snuggle blanket from @soulslings @soulslings_india is a perfect solution for this….

✔It’s soooo comforting to the babies….my kid who is 2 years old is already loving it💕💕💕💕


▶️Size: 45″ x 48″


100% handwoven ikat cotton. 🌸Soul Summer Snuggly baby blankets are made from our signature linen and ikat handwoven fabrics, with all the cosiness (and sleepy dust) of our jacquard baby blankets and yet much thinner, lighter and airier.


🌸These baby blankets are breathable, perfect for hot and humid weather and will only get softer with use.They are easy to care for.

✔ You can hand or machine wash them as you find convenient.

To retain the lovely colours we recommend you use cold to warm (not hot) water, gentle detergents, and line dry your Soul Snuggly in shade.

Price : Rs.795 INR

Visit @soulslings_india @soulslings for baby blankets..,