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Bella perfecta ultra new Collection

Hellooo ladies…..

Today I am posting about one of my favourite brands in sanitary napkins – BELLA.

I have already once used this brand’s sanitary napkins and these are the best and many people don’t know about this and this is so affordable too.

You can click on this link to know more.

Bella is a worldwide known brand of female hygiene products with over 65 years of experience. Bella” comes from Italian language and means “beautiful”. Bella is from Europe and itprovides complete range of highest quality hygiene solutions – starting from baby diapers and wet wipes, through sanitaryproducts for female hygiene and cotton products for different cosmetic purposes. Today, Bella products are known in over 80 countries in the world.

In these days we find different varieties of sanitary napkins like napkins with artificial perfumes,made of rayon material and these materials cause irritation and results in skin problems like vaginal infections and urinary tract infections.

Bella has recently launched their new range of sanitary pads

BELLA PERFECTA ULTRA NEW COLLECTION which includes 4 variants.

1. Perfecta ultra SILKY drai,

2. Perfecta ultra SILKY drai (NIGHT ).

3. Perfecta ultra MAXI BLUE (extra soft breathable).

4. Perfecta ultra MAXI BLUE (extra soft breathable) NIGHT.

1. Perfecta ultra SILKY drai. (Maxi green)

Made in Europe,These maxi green ultra silky drai are latex free,long and breathable.

These pads are free from artificial perfume and helps in odour stop.These are 2mm thick and has a system for extra protection.

These pads are best for sensitive skin and for heavy flow.

Mrp: 79 Inr only.

2. Perfecta ultra SILKY drai. (Maxi green) -NIGHT

While the Perfecta ultra SILKY drai. (Maxi green) are of length 285mm, These are for heavy menstruated flow and best for the night.

The length of these pads is 315mm and extra long.

Suitable for sensitive skin and are breathable.

Mrp: 85Inr.

3. Perfecta ultra MAXI BLUE (extra soft breathable).

Maxi blue sanitary napkins have a length of 285mm and a thickness of 2mm.

These are latex free and have a special system SEP (SYSTEM FOR EXTRA PROTECTION ).

These are free from artificial perfumes and stops odour and even has a magic gel.

These are extra soft and suitable for very sensitive skin.

Suitable for normal menstrual flow.

Mrp: 79 Inr only.

4. Perfecta ultra MAXI BLUE (extra soft breathable). (Night)

Maxi blue sanitary napkins have a length of 315mm and a thickness of 2mm.

These are latex free and have a special system SEP (SYSTEM FOR EXTRA PROTECTION ).

These are free from artificial perfumes and stops odour and even has a magic gel.

These are extra soft and suitable for very sensitive skin.

Suitable for very heavy menstrual flow.

Mrp: 85Inr.

You can also order free samples of new collection of Bella Perfecta Ultra here

All Bella products are available in leading retail stores (Metro, Big bazaar, Spar, Health and Glow) and e-commerce portals (Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Nykaa, etc.)

Check out their whole range of products on their Facebook page ‘Bella India’ ( 

You can also contact Bella directly on WhatsApp +917259001321 for any queries.

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ORGANIX MANTRA TEA TREE OIL;Benefits of Tea tree oil for hair ,skin and Acne

Hello everyone……..

So after obsessing over hair care now am obsessed about using the essential now a days every one is going crazy about essential oils and so are the brands. There are a number of brands where in these oils are available.

So gave a try on essential oils…i bought “Tea tree oil” from ORGANIX MANTRA. I found it on Instagram and purchased it from Amazon.They provide original oils at an affordable and good price.


At Organix Mantra, our essential oils are sourced directly at the origin. We have experts who perform lab tests for each batch of Essential Oils, to ensure top quality for our customers. All our essential oils are Pure, Natural, Organic, usually for use in Aromatherapy. We constantly strive to improve our products and provide better service to customers. At Organix Mantra, along with top notch product quality, the customer and his satisfaction comes first.

Describe their products in three words.


I would like to even add AFFORDABLE

After knowing the benefits of tea tree oil i wanna give a tru because i always love to experiment with new things 😉😉….


The packaging was done good…..and there was no leakage or breakage of seal.


Rs.395 INR ( they have discounts)



Where can you buy it….??


Organix Mantra Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Essential Oil, 100% Steam Distilled Natural, Pure Therapeutic For Skin, Hair & Acne (15Ml)

What is Tea Tree oil….????

Well….i too didn’t had any idea about this at first….so after googling i found out it has some amazing benefits for skin, hair and acne.

Tea tree oil doesn’t mean it is extracted from a normal tea plant….😉😉

Organix Mantra Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is extracted from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant species native to Australia. The leaves are hand-harvested and passed through a process known as steam distillation.

How to use Tea tree oil

🌟 STRESS RELIEVER: Massaging your body with diluted tea tree oil helps to rejuvenates the body and mind.

FOOT CARE: Anti-fungal properties of this oil is known to fight nail fungus and helps in relaxing the soles.

🌟 SKIN CARE: Tea Tree Oil is an ideal essential for those suffering from Acne.

ORAL HEALTH: Fights bad breath when gargled with water mixed with a drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

🌟 DISINFECTANT: Use it on the bathroom and kitchen surfaces to remove moulds, mildew and repel insects.

For skin:

💜softens dry cuticles:

The essential oils in this rich, softening blend help to counter cracked and ragged cuticles. Tea tree oil is a proven fungus fighter, while lavender is anti-inflammatory and healing. You can find avocado and jojoba oil in health food stores, or you can substitute olive oil for either or both.

• 1 tablespoon jojoba oil
• 1 tablespoon avocado oil
• 10 drops tea tree essential oil
• 10 drops lavender essential oil

Pour the jojoba and avocado oils into a small, dark-colored glass bottle, which will help preserve the oil. Then, add tea tree and lavender essential oils, screw on cap, and shake to combine. Before using the cuticle oil, shake the bottle well, then massage a few drops into your nails and cuticles daily to soften your cuticles and prevent them from splitting.

💜Soothes sores :

Using a cotton swab, dab a single drop of tea tree oil, which is an antiseptic, directly on the sore. Avoid areas near your eyes and mouth.

💜Eliminates toe nail fungus.

💜Eliminates foot odour.

💜Mainly used in treating psoriasis.

How to use Tea tree oil for ACNE

Tea tree oil is a great natural alternative for getting rid of pimples. It has unique disinfecting and soothing properties and, unlike other acne treatments, tea tree oil will not strip your skin of its natural oils and cause further damage. Once you learn how to use tea tree oil, it will be an effective tool in your battle against pimples.

📍To apply, pour a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton bud, cotton pad or tissue. Gently dab the tea tree oil onto any pimples or spots. Leave for a few hours, or overnight. The redness and swelling should decrease.

📍Use it in a face mask. A few drops of tea tree oil can be added to either store-bought or homemade face masks to kill bacteria and dry out pimples.

📍Mix 3-4 drops of tea tree oil with two tablespoons of green clay powder, which can be found at most health food stores. Add enough water to turn your clay into a spreadable paste and give it a good stir. Apply the mask evenly, all over your face and neck. Leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes, until the clay dries and the tea tree works its antibacterial magic. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

📍Blend three drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of jojoba oil, then stir in half of a very finely chopped tomato. Mash together to make a purée. Apply this refreshing face mask directly to clean skin and leave on for ten minutes, before rinsing off with warm water and patting dry.

📍Add 5 drops of tea tree oil to 1/4 cup of plain yogurt and apply as a mask. Rinse off with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

How to use it for hair

📍for daily cleansing mix it i your shampoo.

📍for hair growth make your own hair tonic at home.mix it with carrier oils such as coconut oil,ALMOND OIL,olive oil.

📍Can be used for treating moisturises and nourishes the scalp and hair.


👽Tea tree oil on its own is quite strong, so be sure to dissolve the oil into another carrier oil (like coconut, jojoba or olive) before applying to your hair or scalp. When applied in its undiluted form, tea tree oil can actually be very irritating and can cause itching and dryness. Stop using tea tree oil if you notice redness, rash, or irritation.

👽Make sure that you are only using a few drops of tea tree oil with your carrier oil, or if using with a shampoo/conditioner, adding only 10 drops for every 8 ounces of shampoo/conditioner. If too much is used, it can have the opposite effect and cause hair to become extremely brittle and weak.

My Experience

I have started using tea tree oil by mixing it with coconut oil and ALMOND oil. I literally smell the fragrance of oil from outside of the bottle. As claimed it is a a pure oil.

Lets hope for the better results.

Ok now byee…have a nice day

Love xoxo

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