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Hair loss….is one such night mare in every girl’s life…. causes may be different but problem is one..
Abd in order to stop that hair loss…there will be endless number of tips and methods or home remedies we use ..
Here comes @himalaya.wellness ANTI HAIR LOSS CREAM for your rescue.
There are types of hairloss Alopecia Areata is a non scarring,inflammatory,hair loss disease that results in the sudden development of a bald patch.
Causes for this are:
✔ stress.
✔ hereditary predisposition.
✔ pregnancy.
✔ allergies. And extreme climate change.
The other type of hair loss is diffuse hair loss which is not a permanent form of hair loss and the hair follicles can eventually recover..
@himalaya.wellness anti hair loss cream is an unique FORMULATION of herbs based on years of extensive research and clinical tests.
✔ How to use:
➡ Gently massage cream into scalp,part by part covering the entire scalp.
➡ leave overnight.
➡ Rinse in the morning.
➡ Use daily.
✔ How it works:
➡ Stimulates the anagenic phase of hair growth cycle.
➡induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells.
➡improves tensile strength.

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