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Hello lovely people!!!!!!

Now a days….everyone is like “want organic right from veggies,fruits to eatables,like everything……then why ignore about your skin…….????whereas there are numerous instapages and brands which are selling “organic products ” related to skin,body,hair.I came across one of the trusted brands…..yes you can call it a brand……though they are homemade…..”AROMA ESSENTIALS” is a brand in itself…..

Aroma Essentials……..HOW IT ALL STARTED!!!!!!

It all started in 2000……even Before that she used to make products using kitchen products and Ayurvedic herbs…..

What started as an individual’s passion is now slowly being transformed into a beauty revolution, using natural and hand made products.

Aroma Essentials provides completely natural solutions for skin and hair care, so that you do not have to worry about any side effects. Their products are a combination of Aromatherapy and Botanical extracts.

She is none other than Mrs.Madhurima Ramakrishna

Aroma Essentials was started by her almost 17 years ago. Armed with a degree/diploma in Cosmetology and Aesthetics, she set out to make homemade cosmetics and skin products to treat her own acne condition. The positive results led her to start researching about

solutions for skin and hair conditions for the womenfolk at large.

So today’s my review is about Aroma Essentials products.I am very thankful to receive products from her to review.

What I received………?????



3. ARGAN SERUM (night serum)

Before ordering the products you can consult her on whatsapp number mentioned in their profile.

Depending on your skin type and problem….she will suggest you the products accordingly.

I have a Dry skin so….so I got the above mentioned which are for dry skin beauties.


Visit the below mentioned social media pages of Aroma Essentials to order the products… why late…???? Pampering your skin in an organic way is just a click away.

Aroma Essentials Facebook page

Aroma Essentials instagram page

Now let us review the products received…….


I got this lavender face wash and is specially for dry skin….There are a lottt of face washes available in market and sometimes we just pick them up just because we like the brand,or packaging or just love the way it looks.But this is not a right way picking up a face wash which doesn’t suit your skin type.

💖First know your skin type and then select a right face wash…because some face washes make your skin veryyy dry after cleansing your face which even results in breakouts.

Type of skin.

📌Suitable for all types of skin.


📌Lavender buds

📌Lavender oil

Directions for use

📌Wet the face and Apply 1gram of cleanser and Massage all over face and neck and rinse it with warm water.

What makes it different from others….???

📌Made in fresh batches

📌Dermatologically tested

📌Chemical free

📌Not tested on animals


📌STORE IN a refregiator

Benefits of lavender for skin

📌 Helps in skin brightening and rejuvenation

📌 Helps in  treating acne and skin problems.

My Experience

💖USING it from a week….it didn’t break out my skin and didn’t dry out skin after cleansing.


The second product

2.Saffron mask

Now comes the MASKING time…..Everyone is going crazy about masking these days from SHEET MASKS TO CLAY MASKS.I WOULD SAY CLAY MASKS ARE THE BEST.

 📌Suitable for dry skin



📌Almond oil

📌lightens skin tone and rejuvenates

📌moistures skin very well

📌not suitable for oily skin because it makes your skin too oily.

📌feels very light on skin.

📌doesnt feel heavy on skin

📌gives a natural glowing skin

ARGAN Serum {Night serum}

📌suitable for all skin types

📌most of the face creams include only 5 to 10% of oil but serum contains 70% of oil

📌formula is very non-greasy

📌helps in skin brightening

📌Also called as “Liquid gold”

📌now a days argan oil serums are very popular.

price 510 INR for 20ml.

see you at the next post…….

stay fit and healthy

keep smiling……

have a nice day!!!!!!!!

-Love xoxo-

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